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VisagiSmile technology – digital smile simulator

Reflecting the personality into the smile

Have you ever wondered how you would look without a space between your front teeth, or how your teeth would look if you decided on ceramic veneers or crowns? The solution is modern technology, which enables patients to see and feel the difference that a proposed dental procedure can provide.

VisagiSmile is software that performs a detailed analysis of the facial characteristics to create a natural and proportional appearance, and allows you to participate in creating your own new smile. In addition to performing a detailed analysis of your facial characteristics, while designing your smile, VisagiSmile also considers the character of a patient, such as their emotional traits or behaviour, in order to best reflect the patient as a whole, which ultimately results in a completely personalised smile. Unlike other similar software solutions on the market, VisagiSmile places special emphasis on creating a smile that will reflect the person’s personality, and not only perform an aesthetic role. The primarily goal of the Dentum clinic is to satisfy the patient’s aesthetic wishes, while also ensuring the functionality of the dental work and a natural appearance of the teeth. While designing the new smile, the patient works closely with the dentist to ultimately obtain the desired results – the ideal smile.

Designing a smile can include changing the position of the teeth, correcting the shape and size of teeth, changing tooth colour, and correcting the ratio of teeth to gums. Prior to the digital analysis of the smile, the dentist photographs the patient, and this photograph is used to create a projection of the future tooth appearance. The patient also fills out a survey, which the software processes, and which is then reflected in the final solution proposal. On the basis of the obtained results, a therapy plan is set up and the patient can begin with the trial of the proposed design, called the mock-up. For the patient, the mock-up represents the real experience of the final solution, i.e. the opportunity to experience the form, size and position of teeth, while for the dentist, this is confirmation that the solution can be prepared, and any corrections are made if necessary.

The process of creating the ideal smile takes place in two phases. The first phase includes the first appointment and the VisagiSmile digital simulation of the smile, after the patient photographs are entered into the computer. During this phase, if the patient agrees, it is possible to take the mould for the mock-up. Then the dentist, together with the patient, creates the first digital design of the desired smile, then the mould is taken with the proposed solution and sent to technicians to make the mock-up. In the second phase, the mock-up is installed, and the patient and the dentist can work out any necessary corrections that need to be made.

The advantages of the VisagiSmile technology for the patient:

  • the patient participates in the creation of their ideal smile, through visualisation of the final solution
  • the patient’s personality is also considered in creating the design, to give a fully personalised smile
  • the patient is able to consult with the dentist on all changes that they want to achieve
  • the patient receives the trial version, or mock-up, which simulates the ultimate appearance of the smile
  • the final appearance of teeth is achieved quickly after therapy
  • simple and individualised approach

Now all you have to do is to contact us to get the smile you’ve always wanted!