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The ultimate implant guide: Part 2

Welcome to the second part of our ultimate implant guide.

As in almost all industries, there is also a great number of different dental implant systems in the dental industry. But how can you know which dental implant brand you can trust and which one will measure up to your expectations?

The second part of our ultimate implant guide was created to answer this questions for you: Learn why well-established dental implant brands are a much safer choice than no-name implant systems!

Which dental implants should I choose and why?

To understand why it’s always better to choose premium dental implant brands like Nobel Biocare and Straumann, it’s important to know why these brands earned the status of highly respected implant manufacturers.

A quick historical overview

The pioneers in these fields were two companies that still operate today. It was back in 1963 and 1964 that they opened a new chapter in dental medicine, with the development of dental implants. These two companies are Nobel Biocare (formerly called Branemark) and Straumann.

For many years, these two companies were the only ones producing dental implants, while today's market includes hundreds of such companies. However, these two, together with a small handful of other respectable companies, are among the world leaders in terms of reliability, quality, development and clinical trials.

To make this more understandable, we could draw parallels with the automobile industry and compare the traditional and development of a company like Audi with a newer automobile company. Though their cars might look almost identical, there is much more that stands behind the Audi name: Quality, tradition and a lot of studies, in case to provide the highest standards. We believe that the world of dental implants should be viewed the same way.

Why certain implant manufacturers are a much safer choice over others

However, the most important thing in selecting a dental implant is that you can be certain that your selected manufacturer is a respectable and globally recognised company. This is important for two reasons.


Reason 1:

We believe you would rather have your implants for a very long time and that you need to be certain that your implant has been proven that it can stand up to that expectation. This implies that the manufacturer has conducted many years of clinical trials, the longer the better.

Reason 2:

You can be certain that the company producing those implants will still be around in 20 years, that they will not go under. It has happened many times that a company that produces dental implants simply ceases to exist.

If something should occur in the future and you need to repair your implants, there must be new parts that will enable those repairs, right? Our opinion is that this is simply not worth the risk. The difference in price is not that big, but it is way safer to choose a good and reliable implant system.

9 risks and shortcomings of choosing 'no-name' implant systems and non-original parts:

  1. Lack of long-term clinical studies
  2. Combination of copies with original parts
  3. The parts do not fully sit in place, the micropores created through incomplete binding may become a possible site of entry for bacteria, which could result in bone or gum infections
  4. Original parts combined with copies result in the loss of the warranty and complete waiver of responsibility by the manufacturer of the original parts
  5. Greater risk of cracking for non-original parts
  6. Limited possibilities
  7. Limited selection of implants and prosthetic parts
  8. Uncertain long-term presence on the market, which results in the inability to perform repairs later
  9. Statistical indicators of the number of inexpensive implant systems that have appeared on and disappeared from the market in the past five years presents a risk for patients

Briefly put...

Inexpensive implant systems = long-term uncertainty

At Dentum you can choose one of the leading implant systems by Straumann, Nobel Biocare or Astra Tech.


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