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My experience with dental treatment at Dentum Croatia

Firsthand experience from our dear patient:

I had been looking into different dentists for a couple of years as I wanted to make sure I chose the best.

After looking at various things like testimonials, price and how the staff interacted with the customers I went for Dentum. It turned out to be the best thing I’ve done for myself in a very long time!

Yes, I could have gone to another dentist and got the work done cheaper, however as this wasn’t something I was planning on doing more than once I decided on paying more and getting the best quality products, especially as I was looking at implants.

From the very first email I received I knew I had made the right decision. Every response has been friendly, informative, comprehensive and above all human and kind. Following the scan I had in London I received 3 quotes and when I questioned why the all-on-4 wasn’t included, (which is what I wanted on the top jaw), I was told the teeth I had were good enough to work with.

Now, the all-on-4 would have meant more income for Dentum, however their concern was what is best for me and that response alone told me I was on the road to a happy experience.
I chose the treatment plan I wanted and we planned in the dates and thanks to assistance from the lovely Dona I relaxed and felt like I was in good hands.

Dona with patient

Picked up from the airport and taken to my room I felt nervous, but still happy to be doing what I have been wanting for a very long time. Most of the dentistry was done by Dario and I really can’t say enough good things about him for a number of reasons. He’s friendly, calm, non-judgmental and he has single-handedly changed how I feel about having dental work done after years and years of being scared and hating it, (thanks to many NHS dentists who have treated me very badly over the years).

I left after the first visit feeling happy and excited to return 3 months later for the final work. On my return I was back in the chair being looked after again by Dario and he got me sorted and ready for my new smile. I was sad that due to Dario not being on the right shift for my appointments the next couple of days he wouldn’t be the one fitting the crowns, but he came in to see how the first fitting went and then came in during the evening the next day after the final fitting, done by the lovely Dunja, to see how I am and how my new smile was looking. You simply don’t get that level of customer service here in the UK!

Needless to say I am extremely happy with my experience at Dentum and overwhelmed by the smile I now have. I asked for a nice natural healthy smile, a smile that looks like it’s always been my smile as I didn’t want a fake looking smile and I have got exactly what I want.

It’s been many, many years since I have felt confident smiling, especially in photos and now I simply can’t stop! I’m grinning at anyone and everyone, (including myself in the mirror when I’m driving and I really must stop that otherwise I’ll end up crashing my

I can’t thank everyone at Dentum enough for the second chance I’ve been given by their expertise and commitment to giving me what I want. Dentum really should be running teaching schools for UK dentists on not only their techniques, but their customer service too.
I look forward to seeing them again next year when I’m over for my check up.

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