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Dentum Smiles Stories: What our patients say

Our patient’s satisfaction with their smile is our number one priority, besides our patient’s health, of course. That’s why receiving messages like this one means the world to us:

“From the first day I started speaking to them I knew I chose the right people. The treatment, the staff the clinic, everything has been amazing and here I am now after 10 months and my 4th and final visit finally over. I have a wonderful smile and I can't wait to recommend them to my friends back in Wales. Thank you, Dentum! - Wayne Harris” (UK)


Wayne’s dental problem:

Wayne struggled with poorly fitting dentures for years. After years of hiding his smile, not being able to eat properly and trying to avoid social situations, he decided to finally get his life back and undergo a dental treatment abroad and visit Dentum!

The solution:

After examining Wayne’s oral health situation, our dentist Dr. Andrej decided that the best course of treatment for the patient was the All-on-4 treatment in both jaws, as unfortunately, we were not able to save his natural teeth. Wayne’s remaining teeth were removed and he received a fixed prosthesis that looks just like he wanted. He finally has his smile back!

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