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8 reasons why you should consider All-on-4®

Fixed teeth on only four implants

Are you struggling with missing teeth and looking for a way to easily replace them? Then the All-on-4® treatment method may be the right choice for you.

All-on-4® might be the perfect dental solution for you if you want fixed prosthodontics (prostheses) and have lost all of your teeth, or if your teeth are in really bad condition and are soon to be removed.

Additionally, in case you don’t have the necessary minimal bone volume for implants and for this reason aren’t a candidate for regular implant-prosthetic rehabilitation, All-on-4® can bring back your brightest smile.

The All-on-4® treatment represents the smartest, most efficient and long term implant solution on the market, but only if Nobel Biocare products are used. Nobel Biocare is a prestige, Swiss company that produces dental implants of the highest standards and quality.

Our dentists at Dentum constantly participate in their product and clinical training and that makes us an officially recommended clinic by Nobel Biocare.

Have a look at this infographic that puts together a few interesting facts on the benefits the All-on-4® method offers.

Now that you have the facts, contact us so we can arrange your first free consultation and set up an individual treatment plan!